General anaesthetic & preparing for surgery

The specialist anaesthetists that Dr. Sim works with are all experienced paediatric and adult anaesthetists. An otherwise healthy child will be assessed just before their operation. However, the anaesthetist will usually ring a few days before the operation to discuss the specific details of the anaesthetic. The risk of complications from a short anaesthetic provided by a specialist anaesthetist for an otherwise healthy child is very low.

The option of a “pre-medication” for your child may be required for your child before their surgery if anxiety and nervousness may be an issue.

Fasting times will be advised by the anaesthetist according to where you or your child is on the operating list on the day. This is usually:

  • 6 hours for solids before the operation, this includes milk. Breast milk is allowed up to 4 hours before the operation.


  • 2 hours for clear fluids before the operation, this includes water, cordial, and juices that are not cloudy or have particles in them.

These times will be advised prior to the operation. Please note that your admission time does not necessarily reflect when the operation will be.

Failure to adhere to fasting times may result in the operation being delayed or cancelled.

It’s not uncommon for children to be upset when they awake from their anesthetic.  This is usually due to a combination of mild pain and effects of the anaesthetic leading to disorientation in a new environment of the operating theatre.. This usually settles when children are reunited with their parents and they arouse more from their procedure. If all is well after a period of observation, you will be able to go home.